Further Reading

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This website will have given readers a broad knowledge of indie game development and the issues surrounding it. However, some people will want to continue studying the subject. If so, there are plenty of different resources to utilize.

Creating and Playing Indie Video Games

If people have used this website to further their goals of becoming a developer, then the best thing to do is get some practical experience. The more a person tries creating games, the better they will eventually become.

At the same time, they should play plenty of video games. Doing so will help them understand new trends and technological developments within the industry. It is always wise to stay up to date on how games are made.

Watching Documentaries

Watching Documentaries - Further Reading

On the other hand, other people will have more academic interest in indie games. They may wish to learn about its rich history and cultural significance. Luckily there are numerous documentary films that are focused on this aspect of it.

The popular 2012 doc Indie Game: The Movie is a good example. Readers could also seek out video essays on YouTube. There is a wealth of interesting information out there online.

Reading Books on The Subject

The problem with using resources solely from the internet is that there is always a danger of coming across inaccurate information. This is especially true if it has been created by an amateur.

If readers wish to avoid this issue, they can stick to books about indie gaming. It is a good idea to choose ones from reliable publications. This is because the data will have been verified before being printed.

Joining Online Forums

Developing an indie game will inevitably lead people to encounter technical issues. This may involve certain game engine mechanic bugs or asset failures. When these problems occur, the developer can ask for advice from a specialist online forum.

There are numerous ones out there that are aimed at helping people create their own games from scratch. Forums are also a great way to meet like-minded developers who are willing to share their expert advice with novices.