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This website is all about the interesting subject of indie game development. In recent years this hobby has increased in popularity. Fans of it will find plenty of information on this site.

Why Was This Theme Chosen?

The main reason why the site looks at indie games is that so many people have an interest in this topic. In recent years the gaming industry has grown into one of the biggest entertainment sectors.

At the same time, technology has allowed practically anyone to develop their very own indie title. Since the subject has such mass appeal, it is likely that plenty of readers will want to consume the content on this site.

The Articles on This Site

The Articles on This Site - About Us

The majority of the articles are designed to help developers perfect their craft. There is information about how to start new projects. Freemium and multiplayer games are looked at in detail.

A couple of articles explore the relationship between video games and online casinos. This includes the reasons why gamers enjoy gambling and the ways that video games have changed the casino industry.

How The Content Can Be Read

Since there is such a broad range of articles, some readers will only be interested in specific ones. If so, then they can choose them based on their titles. However, it is a much better idea to read each and every article. This will give site visitors a greater knowledge of the subject.